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Plastic Rotating Fidget LED Light Basketball ADHD Autism Reduce Stress Focus Attention Toys



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Item  Fidget Basketball 
Material ABS +PP+PS
Size Diameter 11cm
Weight 95g,Containing packaging 153.5g

How To Play:1.Hold the Basketball Player by hand 2.Make the baakbal roll by swinging3.Through the mastery of force ,put the baskball into the box
In an exquisite transparent ball, there is an electronic shooting device. Rebounds, ball box, basketball full set of complete configuration; take in the hand to play, using a certain skill to put the ball into the ring, there will be a wonderful flash and voice to encourage! This is a new type of palm movement, you can exercise the flexibility of the fingers and the flexibility of the wrist; some people hundred hair, some people do not vote! In the make persistent efforts, not in the need to work hard! It is also a new way of leisure sports, the whole did not have time to play, can not spare time to the court, can not control the desire to play basketball. Especially for learning the rhythm of life, stress groups, can relieve the nerves, reduce stress; learning, life, work, travel, walking, car anytime, anywhere can be.Product features: light, with music, shooting toys

Package included:
1 X  Fidget Basketball 


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