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AOKoda CX405 4CH Micro USB Battery Charger For 1S E010 Tiny Whoop Lipo LiHV Battery



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1. Support battery type: LiPo 3.7V / Li-Hv 3.8V
2. Support battery section: 1Cell
3. USB power supply interface input range: 5V±5%@0.5~2A
4. Battery charging interface voltage output range: 2.50~4.35V @1Cell LiPo or Li-Hv
5. Battery charging interface current output range: 500mA x 4CH@USB 5V/2A
6. Battery charging termination voltage: LiPO type 4.20V±0.5%, Li-Hv type 4.35V ±0.5%
7. Battery charging interface power output range: 2.1W x 4CH@USB 5V/2A
8. Display mode: 4 green LED indicator lights display three states independently(no batteries, charging, charging complete)
9. Support battery interface: mCPX, MOLEX, JST (model distinction)
10. Product dimensions: 102x22x12mm
11. Product weight: 15g
– USB standard power supply interface, simple operation, plug and play
– Four channels independent charging output, can charge four batteries simultaneously
– Also support lithium battery LiPO and high voltage lithium battery Li-Hv
– Support user key switch LiPO (3.7/4.20V) /Li-Hv (3.8/4.35V)
– The 4 LED lights indicate the charging state of the four channels independently, the charging process is flashing, and the charging is finished.
– Intelligent instructions to set the battery type, charging process LED slow flash for LiPO, charging process LED flash for Li-Hv
– Intelligent scanning battery access, no battery access, LED indicates the type of battery settings, from right to left for LiPO, left to right for Li-Hv
Package Included:
1x AOKoda CX405 Battery USB Charger

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